Believe it or not, even places like Mackinac Island are still connected to the outside world, and need the same services and goods that we do, with the same convenience. But the means at which they get those goods differ a little bit. Like for instance, say you ordered a package off of Amazon, you may get a ring from your doorbell a few days later and greet a driver to get your signature. but on Mackinac Island, things are quite different.

On Mackinac Island, you aren't greeted by a normal driver in a truck, you're greeted by a horse drawn trailer carrying all the packages for the island! No joke. Check out the picture below take from Local 4 Detroit with the caption: In case you've ever wondered about this: Amazon deliveries arrive via horse and carriage on Mackinac Island. (Photo: NBC News) They know how to do things in style up there.


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