So, chances are, you’ve heard the Palace of Auburn Hills is closing next month. The final show will be Michigan’s own Bob Seger.

Is it just me or does this seems a bit dumb? I understand there’s gold in them thar Little Caesar’s Arena, but after a multi million dollar renovation just a few years ago, you’ve still got a world class “Palace”.

The Silverdome was too big and sterile to get misty eyed about; The Joe, yes, there’s some memories, but not a lot of tears shed. And this is certainly not Tigers Stadium, which actually was worthy of tears being shed. But the six rings between the Pistons and Shock....but that's not my point.

This simply was a nice building that deserved a better fate. I understand it's hard to make a go of it with only one tenant. You really can't make money on just forty-one basketball games and a handful of concerts, especially at a time when less people are getting off their phones and actually doing "stuff".  Oakland University wants to be a big time basketball program, but there's no way they'd fill the Palace.

It’s too bad The Palace isn’t portable. It’d be nice to steal some entertainment back from Grand Rapids.



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