Over the weekend I had the opportunity to travel to Big Rapids and make some homemade apple cider for the first time in my life. I've always wondered how you make apple cider and it's actually pretty easy:

TSM/ Mark Frankhouse
TSM/ Mark Frankhouse

1. You load apples into the top part which slants down into the crank, which then shreds the apples.
2. The apple shreds fall into the buicket which is lined with a mesh net.
3. The juice from the apples drips down the drip pan which drips into a pitcher.
4. Once the bucket is full, you put the top on it and screwthe lid on, pressing all the juice out it you can.
5. With a small metal filter on top, you pour the cider into an empty jug.
6. BAM. Cider.

TSM/ Mark Frankhouse
TSM/ Mark Frankhouse

But there were a few things about cider making I was totally unaware of:

1. I have no idea how you make apple juice. Maybe they remove the stems, core and skin; all of which are used when making cider.
2. It takes at least 100 apples to make two gallons of apple cider.
3. Soaking the apples in warm water gets the most juice out of them.
4. Unpasturized Apple Juice will clear up any irregularities. It's a great laxitive.
5. It's a great cardio workout. Cranking that wheel is a solid workout.
6. Flavor of cider can be enhanced by mixing up varieties. Applles come in all sorts of flavors and mixing apples together can ensure a nice mix of flavors, without it being too sweet or too tart. Even throwing in other fruits like pears can enhance the flavor and give it a special kick.

If you ever get the chance, make some yourself! It was a ton of fun.



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