There was a National Poll that went out recently, asking the most popular names for dogs in the United States, and by a LAND SLIDE, the name "Luna" was the top choice. In that same poll, it was determined that Michiganders chose the name second to the name "Bella."

But how does the Kalamazoo area match up to the trends of the nation, or even the state of Michigan? We polled our listeners, and these are the results we came up with.

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Out of the first 150 replies to our poll on facebook:

... we tallied the results, and it seems that our listening area is right in line with the top three names in the State of Michigan.

The Second and Third place names - Lucy, and Luna - both came in with five results, though one dog owner gave us their full name of "Luna Lynn." And first place overall was Bella, with six. There was also one cat added to the list who was also named Bella.

From there there, though, some of the more popular names in Michigan aren't what we expected.

Lily, done in various spellings, came in fourth place, then it was a tie for some unique names:

  • Magnum
  • Bubba
  • Bear
  • Daisy

Unfortunately for Rocker Morning Show co-host Mark Frankhouse, his "Scarlett" was the only one submitted on the list.

But the Kalamazoo listening area, not without some unique names, and notable ones. Some of my personal favorites on the list:

  • Cricket Chicken
  • Piggie Smalls
  • Merle Haggard
  • Weezie

There were also a few dogs whose names had a specific meaning:

  • "Tomodachi" which means "Friends" in Japanese
  • "Maxwell Edison" from the Beatle's Song "Maxwell's Silver Hammer"

To see the full list of dog names submitted, and even a few pictures of the bestest boys (and girls), scroll through our post on facebook.

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