A recent survey was released ranking the 50 sexiest accents in the United States for 2020.  Ohio didn't do so hot.

Before we rub up against the 10 sexiest accents according to this survey from Big Seven Travel.  Let's take this opportunity to poke fun at Ohio.  It's important to note that the website that performed this survey did not release how many people participate or how long the survey took place.  With that being said...

The 10 Least Sexy Accents in the United States

#10 Southern Ohio
Ohio borders Kentucky to their South.  And it shows in the Southern Ohio accent as it's almost but not quite a Southern accent.  The Southern Ohio accent climbed 4 spots from the 6th worst accent in 2019.
Here's an example of this accent.

#9 California Valley Girl

This accent has morphed a bit since the 80's.  It used to be more about slang words like "gag me with a spoon."  Now it's more about vocal fry and dragging syllables way too far.

#8 Appalachian 

The Appalachian Region covers all of West Virginia, most of Pennsylvania and some of Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi.  How this accent isn't in the top 5 is beyond me.  Take a listen.

#7 Pennsylvania Dutch

This accent is barely English.  Is this an Amish Paradise?

#6 Alaska

Am I the only that hears absolutely no accent here?

#5 Pittsburgh

I did not know that this accent existed...and it's a little odd.

#4 Minnesota

This accent sounds a lot like the cast of the movie Fargo and very similar to a Wisconsin accent don't ya know.

#3 Florida

I don't think it's fair to call this a "Florida accent."  Most people in Florida have New York or Indiana accents except for many that live deep in Central Florida or the panhandle.  That's where you'll find this accent.

#2 Long Island

Holy cow.  The New Jersey accent must be rough to knock this accent out of the top spot.

#1 New Jersey

This sounds exactly like the Long Island accent to me.  What do you think?

Do you agree with the bottom 10?  Let us know in the comments.

Now let's go the other direction.  The sexiest accents according to the survey from Big Seven Travel.

The 10 Sexiest Accents in the United States - 2020

#1 Texan

#2 New York

#3 Bostonian

#4 Alabama

#5 Chicago

#6 Californian

#7 Philadelphia

#8 Mainer

#9 Northwestern (Oregon and Washington states)

#10 Kentucky


Are you as perplexed by the 10 sexiest accents as I am?  See where your accent falls in the Top 50 Sexiest Accents in the USA 2020 by clicking here.



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