I saw a headline on the Free-Press site about Joe Biden and the only car he ever loved. It's behind a paywall, so I will have to live life without know what it is, but it got me to thinking. The only car I ever loved. Hmmmm.

Sorry, can't limit the choice to one. There were two. I was thinking about the first one today after seeing a post on Vanished Kalamazoo. The post was about trying to ID a family in an old black and white picture, but it was the car that caught my eye. It was a 1960 Pontiac Catalina. My daddy had a '59 model when I was growing up. In fact, I have a funny story about the picture above. Right after that picture was taken, i got behind the wheel, while the adults weren't looking, and somehow put the car in gear, and it rolled about three feet...into a tree. My first car crash....at three years of age.

After you've crashed the family car, how can you not fall in love with it? Amirite? That car began my love affair with tail fins, too. I'm just a sucker for the tail fin designs of that era, especially General Motors, and Chrysler's DeSotos. (The one on this link is for sale for mere $325K. If we'd only held on to our Catalina. It would've been Antiques Roadshow, here I come)

The other automotive love of my life was a 1973 Firebird. My dad got that for me when I graduated college. It was used, but who cares. It was powerful. Big V-8 engine, it was a sweet ride. I drove that thing forever. Finally, the body rusted out so bad I could smell exhaust inside the car. I junked it for about $25 at the old Liberty Auto Parts junk yard on Miller Road. Every time I drive by that property, I think about that car.  God, she was sweet.

Now you might understand why it broke my heart that when GM went out of business, they killed the Pontiac division. I still shake my head and go "why?"

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