Cheek out the latest featured outfit at Plato's Closet in Battle Creek!

This outfit is AMAZING! Comfortable, affordable, really cool and 'Urban Chic'.

At Urban Chic is described as...

"elegant, stylish, and classy with an urban twist; a hipster that doesn't have the money to be hipster is urban chic; urban chic garments are often ripped and secondhand but all in good fashion
Look at that girl with her torn scarf and vintage combat boots; she's so urban chic!"
The beauty of 'Urban Chic' is that it is easy if you know how to put the outfit together. At Plato's Closet they do all the work for you, personal shoppers will advise, and find you everything you need for the perfect look!
The Best part about shopping at Plato's Closet in Battle Creek is that is not just the clothes. The outfit comes together because of the shoes, purse, and jewelry, all of that you can get at Plato's Closet in Battle Creek!
Don't forget that currently all clearance items at Plato's Closet in Battle Creek are 50% off! Why waste anymore time in clothes you don't love when you look spectacular, and feel incredible in new, fashionable clothes?!

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