I never knew that one of my favorite cookie is made here in West Michigan and has a Christmas theme.

When running errands yesterday, I of course had to swing by the grocery store and happened to find one of my favorite cookies! I remember growing up, being at my best friends house and her Mom would serve up these gems with milk. I never thought of them as a Christmas cookie, or that they are made in the Mitten state, just delicious.

I decided to investigate about the Michigan cookies and St. Nicholas Center filled me in on a few details...

The Steenstra family immigrated from the Netherlands to Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 1926. In 1947 they built a bakery to make their family's delicious speculaas cookie recipe. Dutch speculaas cookies became known as "Windmill Cookies" in the US. After fire burned the bakery in 1988 the family rebuilt in Hudsonville, a town west of Grand Rapids. The Steenstra's St. Claus cookies are still made from the original family recipe, using only natural ingredients and no preservatives. There are twenty cookies in a package.


The cookies cut-outs all represent something...

  • WINDMILL: Because Santa Claus lives in a windmill.
  • ROOSTER: Because Santa Claus starts his day at sun-up.
  • SANTA CLAUS ON A HORSE: He makes presents for children.
  • BOY AND GIRL: Love to receive presents.
  • OWL: Because Santa Claus works till sun-down.

But did you know the bakery has more then cookies? They have ice cream (which I must find) and these tasty treats...

•  Cakes (including wedding cakes)
•  Rolls
•  Breads
•  Muffins
•  Sweet rolls
•  Coffee cakes
•  Pastries
•  Pies

The bakery is located at 3940 30th Street S.W. in Grandville; I believe I will be making a road trip there soon!


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