Back in Florida we didn't have your typical seasons. Summer was brutal which led into a slightly less brutal fall, a joke of a winter, and a spring that was more of a prequel to, you guessed it, summer. But, there was one season we always celebrated and that...was GIRL SCOUT COOKIE SEASON!

Seriously, you should have seen the piles of cookies strewn about the office. It was the most joyous time of the year.

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Of course, like many others, the Girl Scouts have had to adapt to the new circumstances that the pandemic has brought upon us. Which is why the Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan has come up with a clever new contest for their scouts that also benefits the consumer. It's the Bling Your Drive-Thru Booth contest.

That's right. You can now snag your girl scout cookie fix without even getting out of your car.

In a Facebook post, the Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan challenged scouts in Jackson, Kalamazoo, Lansing, & Ann Arbor regions to show off their creativity by building and decorating a drive-thru booth. Here's the thing: If you're a girl scout participating in this contest, today is the last day to post your pictures of your booth (along with your troop number). You can post your photos here

Photo "likes" will count as votes and voting will end this Friday (2/26) at 5pm. Good luck to all the scouts participating!

And to the rest of us, be on the lookout for these little drive-thru booths across Kalamazoo! I'm drooling already.

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