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With the herds growing and fall right around the corner I discovered  3 great places to go 'elk hunting' as the McGregor family calls it.

Every summer as a kid, my parents would take us to a cabin at the Canada Creek Ranch. One highlight of the trip was going "elk hunting" (not what you think). At dusk we would all jump into my Uncles truck (the 'Rambo'), and drive to one of  the "feeding" area's for the elk. You would sit quietly, and within a few minutes, one of the most powerful and mesmerizing animals would step out of the elk!  And if you were really lucky, you would hear their call. Their sound is a sweet and deep, almost like moan and once you have heard it (no pun intended) you will never forget it. I highly recommend that everyone go 'elk hunting' at least once in their life!

The 3 Best Places To See Elk In Michigan

Thunder Bay Resort in Hillman, Michigan

"Experience the Magic of Thunder Bay Resort's Award-Winning Viewing, Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride, Fireside Dining & Wine Tasting Event!"

Totallynoton reported to about Thunder Bay Resort...

"My parents gave my wife and I a sleigh ride/elk viewing/dinner for two for a Christmas while we were in town visiting from Guatemala. The ride was nice, the Elk majestic, the food was above par and reminded me of a nice, home-cooked meal although not necessarily gourmet quality, it was still very very nice. The proprietors were a very nice and genuine couple."

Gaylord's City Elk Park, Gaylord Michigan

"The city of Gaylord maintains an elk herd and provides viewing areas for the public to stop and watch the impressive herd. Under the city's care the roughly 70 elk can be viewed from near the Elk's Lodge off Grandview at Elk View Park."

EMCIndiana posted on about Gaylord's City Elk Park...

"The herd of 30ish elk and a dozen Fallow deer are certainly an out of the ordinary sight. We were fortunate to visit while the herd was peacefully grazing near a viewing fence line. The animals are magnificent! The bulls were in velvet and there were several calves. All looked healthy and content. Kudos to the people of Gaylord for their commitment to this unique and enjoyable addition to the city!"

Pigeon River Country Elk Range in Gaylord, Michigan explains the range as...

"Pigeon River Country State Forest and Elk Range is the home of the largest free-roaming elk heard east of the Mississippi."

If you go 'elk hunting' please send me your photos and remember to keep a healthy distance away from the animal and don't approach them.


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