This may sound like another Onion article, but it's in fact true. The abandoned Summit Place Mall in Waterford, Michigan is the burial site of a 4-ton circus elephant named Little Jennie, who dropped dead in the afternoon of July 21st, 1972. The carnival-circus was set up outside what was then the Pontiac Mall. Little Jennie, who was 60, was actually somewhat of a Hollywood star, being one of the 10 pachyderms who terrorized Elizabeth Taylor in the 1954 jungle movie “Elephant Walk,” according to Freep.

Bill Felch, a reporter at the time, wrote how Police had no way of transporting the elephant, which was why they had to dig a 9 foot hole in the ground and bury her with the help of another elephant, Babe : “The elephant trainer Guy Gossing shouted in a heavy Belgium accent, ‘Push, Babe. Push her, Babe.’ And the huge elephant toppled Little Jennie into her grave.”

Dehydration was one suspected cause of death, as was pneumonia and old age. The exact location of her burial is unknown, however one former employee on Facebook, said she was there and knows where her final resting place is: I worked at the Mall in 72. Little Jennie was buried in a field behind the Mall. Close to Pontiac Lk Rd at Telegraph. 


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