Showing my 12-year-old son a fun Spring Break was possible thanks to you.

I asked a couple weeks ago, what I should do?  You guys came through like gangbusters!

We tried to go to Sky Zone on Portage Rd.  That place was packed!!!  It looks like everyone checked that place out on Spring Break.

Next was Airway Lanes.  Not only did we bowl and eat, we also did special dances.  If you bowled a gutter or a strike, you had to dance!


Next we checked out the laser show at the planetarium in the Kalamazoo Valley Museum downtown Kalamazoo.  The good news: it was a cool Pink Floyd show.  That bad news: my son is 12 and has no clue who Pink Floyd is.  Furthermore, it was about war and death.  He said it was cool but creepy.  LOL


Luckily we had decent weather for a lot of the week.  It was good to get out and throw the football and shoot hoops.  I think he actually liked that better than the rest...and it was free.

Yeah, I'm cheap.  Don't judge me.

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