A Michigan couple made an unbelievable discovery in the front yard of their home Saturday morning.

At approximately 8:45 a.m. Saturday morning, Dan and Nancy Welke were about to let their horses out when they heard a loud crash. The couple's dogs began to bark so they headed to the front yard of their home believing someone would be there.

What they discovered was this.

The couple were understandably shocked. They called Gratiot 911/ Central Dispatch and then a phone number listed on the Samsung Selfie Satellite, which still appeared to be operating.

Not only did the satellite fall in the front yard of the home located near the Gratiot and Saginaw County line, a second piece described as a large balloon fell a few miles away. The balloon fell into some power lines leaving those in the area without power and closing an area road.

Representatives from Samsung came to the home and collected the debris.

The Samsung Selfie Satellite appears to be part of a campaign launched this past week titled "SpaceSelfie". Samsung Electronics unveiled the world's first space selfie which was captured by Cara Delevinge during an event filled with celebrities, according to the company's press release. The company says this was the first of many in their mission to give everyone a shot a having their face in space.

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