Fort Custer National Cemetery is the resting place for soldiers who are 4,238 miles from home.

We honor those that have served our country, but did you know, our service people honor those who served other countries.

26 German Soldiers died well at the POW Camp, Fort Custer, 16 of that 26 died in a train vs. truck collision. tells the story of German POW's who rest at Fort Custer National Cemetery.

The Fort Custer National Cemetery is placed near the grounds of the current training base, and it is the resting place of 26 German POWs who died while at the Fort.  Of these, 16 of them died when the truck that they were being transported in was hit by a train on its way to a sugar beet farm.  There is a memorial on the grounds commemorating them and a number of German veterans visit to pay their respects.

My Grandparents are buried not far from the German POW's resting place in Battle Creek. Every time I visit my loved ones I take a moment to pay my respects to other soldiers so far away from home.

I know that one time our countries were enemies, but they deserve respect for their service. Also, I think of my family members that are buried overseas, and hope that someone takes a moment to honor them as they walk past their resting place. After all, everyone's story matters.

This Veterans Day honor those have served.

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