There are rules for everything noways.

Michigan voters approved legalizing marijuana for anyone 21 or older in November 2018. Now that the sweet green is legal, we in Michigan will start to see retailers selling marijuana in many different forms. So with the changing times, here are some weed etiquette's that are to be followed...

  • Don’t share a joint or a bowl if you’re sick
  • Label edibles if you’re serving them at a party
  • Don’t pressure someone to use pot if they’re reluctant.

This advice comes from a prestigious writer, Lizzie Post, the great, great granddaughter of good manners doyenne Emily Post. The Detroit Free Press has reported that Lizzie has recently written a the book “Higher Etiquette,” a guide to the world of cannabis from dispensaries to dinner parties.

I guess now days the question is what wine to serve, and which way to pass the joint.

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