We have all witnessed things live on TV that completely take our breath away, make our jaws drop, and leave us in total shock. Last night, a Michigan man, Steve Vacante had one such moment as he was witness to something no man or woman should ever have to see before Halloween. As he stated on his Facebook post, "Its 9:30 pm on October 9th and I just saw my first Christmas commercial.. SICKENING."

Credit: Steve Vacante
Credit: Steve Vacante

There is no information as to which channel released the dreaded Christmas commercial, all we know is that it aired and other people were also affected by this tragedy as well, as one person commented:

That's sickening.... Christmas stuff should at least have to wait for Halloween to pass, if not Thanksgiving in my opinion. Like, go ahead put up your Christmas decorations but do not turn them on until the day after Thanksgiving lol

My thoughts and prayers go out to anyone who had to struggle through this yesterday

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