The most common reply to hearing portions of lower Michigan are expecting snow on eleven days into May is, "you've got to me kidding me." After a seemingly never ending winter of 2018, it seems like winter's not quite done with Michigan just yet.

Aaron Ofseyer, forecaster for WZZM in Grand Rapids, shared his forecast for Friday morning (May 11, 2018) on Facebook calling for a heavy, wet snow north of Interstate 96 with light accumulation possible. The reaction was fairly predictable:

  • Really come on, it’s supposed to be SPRING!!!

  • This is a joke right

  • Say it’s not snow!

  • I give up!!!!!

Before you think Aaron's gone rogue or stared too long into the WZZM Weatherball, the National Weather Service agrees with the snowfall predictions and has a Freeze Warning in effect from Big Rapids and Mount Pleasant north to the Mackinac Bridge with overnight temperatures in northern Lower Michigan dipping into the 20s.

According to Aaron's archives, the latest measurable snowfall to ever occur in Grand Rapids happened on May 18 in 1915.

Who would be happy to see some more snow in Michigan? Kaia, a dog who lives in the Upper Peninsula and social media star for a Houghton County resort with a viral photo showing her enjoying the last snow of the season (or so we thought at the time).

snow weather map 5-11-18
Aaron Ofseyer/Facebook

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