Ohio car thieves jack a Kia with handicap plates that belonged to Santa Claus.

Last Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus were taking pictures with kids at Cabela's in Columbus when a Grinch stole their red ride.  It's unclear if the criminals knew they were stealing Santa's sleigh.  However, what kind of person steals a small car with a handicapped license plate in the middle of the day?  All that was left in its former parking spot was broken glass.

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Mrs. Claus told NBCI4.com that she and Santa just want their car back as they drive all over Ohio for the kids during the Christmas season. Mrs. Claus doesn't want to see the criminals go to jail but maybe do community service,

Hold them accountable.  If nothing else, make them do community service. I’m not opposed to them doing community service to give back to the community because that’s what it’s all about.

The community has really stepped up over the last couple of days offering the Claus a couple of rides to events.  In the meantime, local law enforcement has been unable to identify the car thieves or locate the stolen red 2017 Kia Sportage.

When asked the question, "what kind of person steals Santa's car with handicap plates in the middle of a Saturday afternoon?"  I am reminded of the clown that broke into a church to steal candy just before Halloween.  By the way, that incident happened about 40 minutes from the Santa car theft.  Interesting, right?  Ohio...Stop It.

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