Ho-Ho-Hold up! We haven't even gotten into "real" Spring weather and already, Authentic Bearded Santa is booking gigs for this years Winter. Authentic Bearded Santa, who makes his residency at the Gull Meadow Farms in Richland, took to Facebook to inform the community that if they were interested in his services, they had better book him as early as possible. Hey, Santa's gotta make that cheddar too:

"So, apparently, people remember the lessons from last year and are contacting Ol' Santa NOW to arrange for appearances in November and December. Weekend availability is extremely limited in December due to commitments at the (Gull Meadow) Farm. Please remember that, as the big day draws nearer, Santa's ability to leave the farm and get to another location on time becomes much more difficult and therefore, less likely. Please, to avoid disappointment (and higher fees) consider a visit in EARLY December or on a weekday evening.., even a daytime visit might be arranged. Goodness! Santa is getting excited about a brand new Christmas season!"

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