Man, Fall sure showed up outta' nowhere like, "Hey! Heard y'all were talkin' about me." Well we wanted it and it's sure enough here. This is my favorite time of the year though. The temperature, the changing of the colors, and most importantly, the cider and donuts. Is there a better comfort snack in the world? I think not. Well, maybe ice cream. But what were to happen if we mixed both of those worlds together? We apparently don't have to wonder because a local rollup ice cream shop is doing just that.

Rollup Ice Cream in Kalamazoo is teaming up with Gull Meadow Farm using their donuts and cider to make a new Fall flavor for their menu. In a video that was posted a few days ago they show the way they make the rolled up treat:

Donut and cider Rollup: made with fresh Gull Meadow Farms donuts and cider!! Donut mixed with our fresh Cream, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar inside. Topped with apple cider, more donut, whip cream and caramel drizzle... absolutely AMAZING!!
Also we have an amazing caramel snickerdoodle bubble tea, which is absolutely delightful!! Open till 10pm tonight, stop by and try one of these amazing creations!! Whip cream optional on both creations.. Rollup because you deserve a treat!!

This would be the perfect time to come up with this combo considering it's not cold enough to not eat ice cream, but it's getting there. This may just end up beating the burger that Nonla and Shwarma King made together.

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