The "Circus Train" came through downtown Kalamazoo Tuesday night, on its way to Grand Rapids and Van Andel Arena.

Ringling Bros. Circus Train
Tim Boyle; Getty Images News

It was a long train, stopping traffic on both Kalamazoo and Michigan Aves. for about 15 minutes. The Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus passing through town. The video isn't much, other than to show how much strange stuff they bring along on their trips around the country.

I was looking for train cars with cages and bars to see some of the animals. There were none. Maybe they were flying in first class. but no, they're riding in style in the what look like regular passenger cars that are converted especially for them.

It's funny how this circus train brings out the child in all of us. My friend Bob, who I ran into at a popular restaurant on the North Side, was tracking the train from Portage. Now, he's a train buff, but combine that with the circus, and he got me interested, too.

Here's a quick look at the train pass through last night.

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