Over 50,000 people are following one local woman's journey through divorce, co-parenting and addiction.

Many have been entertained and inspired by Leah, also known as @blinkerthanks on TikTok.  We featured Leah's ex-husband @stevebourdo about a month ago on #TikTokTuesday.  The two of them are no strangers to doing TikToks together.  However, it wasn't always easy.  Leah tells me that the break-up was rough.  To say that her and Steve didn't get alone after the split would be the understatement of the century.  They had to communicate thru his now ex-wife because they couldn't talk to each other without it being a fight.  Break ups are hard.  Especially when kids are involved.  But that was 5 years ago.  Now they have an amazing relationship and are a fantastic example of co-parenting can and maybe should work.

So, how good is Leah and Steve's relationship?  You have to be pretty tight to make a TikTok like this one that's been watched over 16 thousand times.  It's pretty self explanatory.  Check it out for yourself below.

Leah also talks about her insecurities a lot on TikTok.  In this video BlinkerThanks is comparing herself to her ex's girlfriend.  This TikTok has over 40 thousand views and nearly 3,500 likes.

One of her more popular videos with over 136.5 thousand views talks about getting ready to meet her ex-husband's new girlfriend Corrie.

Five days later the whole family did a series of TikToks together.  When I say the whole family I mean Leah, ex-husband Steve, Steve's girlfriend Corrie and their kids.  This specific video highlighting family fun and co-parenting was viewed almost 317,000 times.

Find out why she has more than 1 million total likes.  Go check out BlinkerThanks on TikTok by clicking here.


We are featuring a Southwest Michigan TikTok creator every week on-air and online every Tuesday for #TikTokTuesday.  If there is someone that you think we should highlight, Friend us on TikTok and send us a message @DanaOnAir or @ThatChickChelsea.  We look forward to seeing your favorite TikToks.

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