I hope this doesn't begin to sound like a coach's pep talk, but we are getting closer to maybe being past this horrible pandemic. We can't take our eyes off the prize. And for many 'round these parts, the prize is a trip to Cedar Point.

WXYZ-TV in Detroit says Cedar Point's Opening Day for the 2021 season is May 14th.

The 2021 season will be a continuation of the 150th anniversary celebration that was supposed to cover the entire 2020 season, but with a late start last year due to Ohio's Covid restrictions and everything else going on related to the pandemic, Cedar Point will continue the sesquicentennial celebration through this year.

Also, gold passes purchased in 2020 will be accepted in 2021 at Cedar Point. Actually, the Gold Passes are a pretty sweet deal, that allow for unlimited visits, parking, and more for $129.

But ahead of the anticipated 2021 season, there are jobs to fill, and there are various job related activities to fill those positions at Cedar Point. The first of those is the Maintenance Job Fair at the Amazement Shop near Castaway Bay. That is on Saturday, February 6th. Cedar Point says it's looking for carpenters, electricians, ride mechanics and and more! Click cedarpoint.com/jobs. Cedar Point is also hiring for other positions around the park, and those are at the same spot on their website, cedarpoint.com/jobs. Their twitter accounts says the jobs pay between $12 and $15 per hour.

There just may be more pent up demand than anyone can predict right now, if the vaccines do what we are being told they should do, and after that what would be better than riding on the toller coasters at Cedar Point.

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