Maybe it's the hopeless romantic in me, but walks along the beach should at sunset on a warm summer night with a slight breeze, and the gentle sound of waves crashing on the shore. Well, this is Michigan, so there's no shortage of places like that, especially on our west coast.

But there's a new place to check out. The new New Buffalo Dune Walk. Maybe New Buffalo might try this slogan: New Buffalo. "It's not just gambling."

The old New Buffalo Dune Walk was falling apart. It looked awful and probably wasn't as safe as anyone would like. So the folks in New Buffalo got the money together and finally this summer (after about half a million dollars), the project became reality.

The City of New Buffalo posted some pictures in July and the comments are very positive.

"It looks fantastic" and "Wow. Looks great" pretty much sums it up. Though one person made an interesting point: "It's beautiful as long as you don't load it with a bunch of can't do this can't have this signs all over .."

But back to the romance mentioned at the top. One woman wrote, "My husband proposed to me at the top of the old dune walk in 1998. Can't wait to revisit!" That's what it's all about.

However, it's not all romance. The picture below is the view looking up. Imagine being seven years old again, scaling this structure.

New Buffalo Dune Walk was rebuilt this summer. (City of New Buffalo via Facebook)
New Buffalo Dune Walk was rebuilt this summer. (City of New Buffalo via Facebook)

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