A heads up to people of Plainwell, your local Walmart is currently closed. But, don't worry. It's very temporary.

As reported by WoodTV News Channel 8, the Walmart along M-89 west of US-131 will be closed today and is expected to reopen on Saturday (tomorrow).

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Why did it close?

Apparently, the store is undergoing a 'deep cleaning' after a coronavirus outbreak. The manager declined any further comments to WoodTV.

TSM/Nate Ball
TSM/Nate Ball

While this is slightly inconvenient for those who do their shopping on a Friday, it is encouraging to see a corporation make the decision to forgo profits for two days to ensure the safety of their customers (and hopefully their staff too).

Walmart may be the most recent store to shut its doors to clean after Covid, but they're hardly the first. At the start of the pandemic a casino in Oregon learned that an employee had tested positive. They proceeded to shut down the casino, hotel, and movie theater for two days to deep clean.

What does a 'deep clean' mean for a store that size?

Since the manager of the Plainwell Walmart declined to issue any comments I can't say, for certain, the exact measures they're taking. However, a quick search led me to the CDC's recommendation for how to deep clean your home after a positive case of Covid-19. They encourage you to:

  • Determine what surfaces have been touched and need to be cleaned
  • Clean visibly dirty surfaces with soap and water
  • Use an appropriate disinfectant
  • Continue on a routine basis

Deep cleaning is a pain at home. Now, imagine having to take these steps in a store the size of Walmart. No wonder they need a couple of days to make sure the job is done correctly.

Hopefully, with the vaccine becoming more available we'll see less and less of stores having to close for this particular reason. Especially since essential workers are now qualified, at least in Kalamazoo. You can read more below:

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