The pools in Macomb, MI are starting to smell like the water treatment plant in Parchment on a hot summer day.

The Board President of the Buckingham Recreational Facilities Association posted this statement last week:

Regarding the recent pool closures…  Someone has been defecating in the pool.  Due to the frequency over the past week, we believe this is intentional.  At the present time, we are reviewing attendance logs and recorded video.  Rest assured that we are following published guidelines to restore the pool to a safe and sanitary condition.

Unfortunately, these closures are costing the recreational association money and downtime for our members.  Beginning on Friday, July 12, a 2nd pool attendant will be on hand to assist with the daily functions.  The 2nd attendant will remain onsite through the summer.  Due to the additional costs related to the 2nd attendant, we have opted to cancel the annual carnival.

In closing, we are consulting with the local authorities regarding our options.

I'm really hoping they catch this person on video.  Not because I want to see the poo in action.  I just need to know the situation.  Is he or she surrounded by people and they drop a deuce and scram before anyone notices?  Or this the serial pool pooper all alone?  Also, what does a person that poos in a pool on purpose look like?  Are they just like you and me?

I know this is a serious matter and I'm making light of a stinky situation.  Remember, laughter is always the best medicine.  Unless you have diarrhea.

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