This man is wanted by law enforcement for allegedly pooping in a box and putting it back at a Van Buren Township store.

This crap went down Thursday afternoon at a Meijer in Van Buren Township, Michigan.  Not to be confused with Van Buren county, this township is located between Ann Arbor and Detroit.  The incident is odd all by itself.  But to do it at poo thirty in the afternoon...ok, actually it was 3:50 PM.

The suspect was clearly too wiped to make his way to the restroom to take care of business.  However, he put a lot of effort into sealing the box and putting it back on the shelf after dropping the great pumpkin Charlie Brown.

Nobody seems to know what the crap bandit's motive was.  Is he a former employee that's getting back at the store?  Was it just a true emergency and felt he had no choice but to drop a number 2 right where he was standing?  I'm also curious about what kind of box he used as a toilet.  Was it an expensive electronics product?  Hopefully these question will be answered when they catch this guy and get to the fecal matter at hand.

Click on Detroit reported that the suspect left the parking lot in a light-colored Ford Escape.  If you've seen this stinker, please contact Detective Harrison at 734-699-8937.

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