Day number 1 for this rookie involved a pile of human number 2. (Warning: this true story does contain lots of poop puns.)

It's likely that most of us don't remember our first day on the job.  However, I have no doubt Officer Johnathan Garcia with the Riverview, Michigan police department will never forget his first day in law enforcement.  Unlike the majority of people reading this article, Officer Garcia started his job by busting a public pooper according to Fox 2 Detroit,

We got a call from a few passersby about a white male, in front of the church there on Pennsylvania. They said he was pooping right in front of the sign there.

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The suspect dropped everything around 10 A.M. Monday morning on the sidewalk in front of the Riverview Church of Christ.  Officer Garcia was ready to get to the bottom of this.  There was no doubt in the officer's mind that this was "people payload" not dog doo.

The rookie and his partner were able to catch up with the poop pirate just down the street from the scene of the grime.  The suspect admitted to painting the town brown when speaking with police.  He knew it was wrong to unload timber in public.  He just had to go.

The man was cited for disorderly conduct.  No word on if he had a permit to build that log cabin.  Police believe the suspect was suffering from mental illness and was released to his family.

I wonder if this suspect knows the "Serial Pooper" that's on the run in Warren, MI?  Click here for that full story.

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