When it comes to ultimate bonehead decision making, one person just took the cake among things to do during not only the Covid- 19 situation, but a toilet paper shortage. Someone in Canton thought it would be a good idea to sell boxes of toilet paper for $60 (cash only) out the back of their car. There's no word on how or where they obtained the toilet paper, but something tells me this person HAD to have been trying to get arrested.

There haven't been any updates as to what repercussions, if any, the person is going to face, but this is just another story of the humanoids proving that we've hit the end of our evolutionary timeline. Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer recently signed an order for tougher restrictions on businesses trying to price gouge shoppers during the coronavirus outbreak, and this person just won the gold medal for price gouging, if nothing else. This wins my "What The Trash?" Moment of the week.

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