Describing the mascot as "offensive" and saying the name is "a racial slur," the ACLU has asked the Paw Paw WalMart to stop selling Redskin gear.

On September 19, WalMart in Paw Paw received a letter from the Michigan chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union asking the retailer to stop selling merchandise related to Paw Paw High School featuring its mascot or the school team nickname "Redskins."

As a top employer in this country and a corporate citizen of Paw Paw, Walmart has a responsibility to take a leadership role and help move this community and our nation toward the achievement of racial understanding and racial justice. Certain words and images contribute to a racially hostile educational environment and this debate has exacerbated racial tensions at the school.”

-Mark Fancher, ACLU staff attorney

Controversy over the nickname is nothing new and has been a thorny issue in the community for quite some time now. The ACLU letter notes several instances of intolerance and racism that have occurred at the school and denotes the fact that that Redskin items had been removed from WalMart shelves for a time but have recently reappeared.

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