Last week we broke a story about a Parchment family whose pet tortoise, Spike had went missing. Spike is an African Sulcata Tortoise and was last seen at the Spring Valley Park. I did a little investigating but after walking around the park, I couldn't find him. Through the help of a "missing pets in Kalamazoo" page on Facebook and multiple shares throughout the community, a man eventually posted a picture with him holding the tortoise.

This picture was somewhat of a dead end, as the man contacted Kelsey Jansen, owner of Spike, and told her he returned the tortoise to the park. Through the grapevine, Kelsey found out that an unknown man found Spike and told a pet store on Gull Rd that he planned on bringing the tortoise into the pet store or taking it to the nature center to release it.

Unfortunately, nobody had any information as to where Spike was or who had him. Luckily through the efforts of posting fliers and with help from multiple media sources, Kelsey found out that there was a reptile dealer in the area who recently purchased Spike and agreed to return him as long as he could be re-embursed for his purchase, which Kelsey gladly obliged.

Now, Spike is back home with his family, which goes to show you what a community can accomplish just by sharing a facebook post. Thank you for all who helped reunite this family with their pet! We can't wait for Kelsey to bring Spike in and share her story with us!



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