The Norovirus strikes West Michigan again!  100 reported cases of students with this very contagious virus prompted Davenport to close it's campus.

In January of 2017 multiple West Michigan schools closed their doors due to this nasty stomach flu.  Almost exactly a year to the day we are seeing this virus do it's worst at Davenport's campus in Caledonia, MI.

According to,

Davenport University announced its four-day closure Wednesday afternoon, saying it was “in the best interest of students, faculty, staff and community,” who are all impacted. The university has also canceled or postponed all athletic events scheduled to happen on campus.

With 700 students living on campus and 3,000 attending classes, this is no doubt a much needed course of action to avoid this sickness from spreading further.

Keep in mind that coughing or sneezing can spread germs up to 26 feet and stay in the air up to 10 minutes according to  Find out how to prevent catching the very contagious norovirus by clicking here.

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