Every year we hear the same survey which, don't get me wrong, I'll also include in this blog. I think it's truly interesting to see what people think the best Halloween candy is. The overall favorite is always gonna be Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. My personal favorite to get are TWIX. But I think there is a candy out there that has been completely undervalued and underappreciated. I'm talking of course about what I think is to be the greatest rival of the Reese's cup, its non-chocolate rival, the Root Beer Barrel.

Let's face it, is there any other non-chocolate candy that can even hold a candle to Root Beer Barrels? Sure Nerds are fun, suckers are cool, and Twizzlers are an easy favorite. But there's something about the Root Beer Barrel that hits differently this time of the year. I think this candy is highly underestimated and not a sought after choice when it comes to buying Halloween candy to pass out. I'd be stoked if someone dropped a handful of these in my bag. What do you think?

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