It's a hard time for just about everyone right now, and there's a group of people I didn't even consider being affected by this until yesterday when we got a message about a new group on Facebook. The group is called Kalamazoo County Expo Center Events- Lorie's Events and is open for all to join. As gatherings have been cancelled, so is the opportunity for crafters to stay in business. Once making good money from selling their items at craft shows at the Expo Center, they've been forced to sell their goods online.

Crafting takes lots of time and money and this new page allows crafters who would normally have booths set up, to sell their goods through online craft shows. Lorie Money organized the page, telling us: "YOU STILL CAN SUPPORT these local artists and crafters! Many of these people rely on selling at craft shows as their only source of income. Please join the group and check out all of their amazing items. Some of these sellers are really hurting right now."

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