Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer's latest Executive Order will re-open movie theaters and bowling alleys on October 9th. But in a separate order, the Governor ordered students in grades kindergarten and up to wear face covering in classrooms. (This mask requirement affects pretty much all of the state except parts of Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula.)

Making masks mandatory is a change. Previously the order recommended masks, but did not require them for students in kindergarten through fifth grade.

The order allowing theaters and bowling alleys to reopen will come as welcome news for those businesses, as they have been struggling along with other entertainment related industries. Also reopening will be arcades, bingo halls, indoor climbing facilities and trampoline parks

Bowling alleys have been struggling for a while, as more and more people become less active, and more glued to their smartphones.

Movie theaters have been competing with the rise in home entertainment options, especially streaming services. Many in movie theater industry felt somewhat betrayed earlier this year as movie studios were allowing major movies to be release directly or almost immediately to streaming services. Their argument is they still have to make money.

On its Facebook page, Celebration Cinema posted "We're thrilled to welcome you back into our theaters starting Oct 9. We'll be opening our locations in phases and will share those plans and more with you next week. See you (soon) at the movies!"

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