It's always great news when you hear of a new brewery opening in Southwest Michigan, but for musicians it's equally exciting to hear that brewery also features live entertainment as well. On Thursday, Feb. 1, Liquid Note Brewing at the Arpeggio opened at 119 East Allegan Street in Otsego, according to MLive.  Mark McPherson, the visionary behind this unique brewery, wanted to create the perfect blend of music and beer, saying: "If we could capture Johnny Cash’s music in a pint glass what would it look like?” 

The four beers on tap are Psychadelic Haze, Badfish, Satchmo’s Lullaby and DC Rocking Wheat, all of which are named to honor a deceased musician. It turns out McPherson is friends with former Millgrove Brewing employee Chris LaPonsie, whose brewery in Allegan closed in 2016. Laponsie sold his brewing equipment to McPherson and began working with him as a brewer. The music venue is expected to begin  in March, with shows being booked on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.


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