Yes, there were plenty of reasons the Lions didn't win on Monday night vs. the  Packers, but the refereeing didn't help, either. Two critical penalty calls on Trey Flowers who, (as Booger McFarland and Joe Tessitore reminded everyone) had never had that penalty called on him in his entire career, certainly paved the way for a critical loss for the Leos.

Well, if you've calmed down some, then you might see the humor in this. There's a Detroit based e-commerce site, that sells T-shirts and other stuff that's Detroit sport related. There's some cool stuff, some funny stuff, and even a few that aren't so flattering to the target of the humor.

But the people behind this site seem to be steeped in Detroit sports history and you can easily see where they hit a nerve with some of their designs. So if you are still feeling some anger and frustration, know that you're in good company (Tom Brady, Troy Aikman, just about everyone else) and for a few dollars, you can show everyone else.





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