Verne Troyer captures LAX police officers tase a man who ran through a TSA checkpoint.

It's a very strange video, and not for the obvious reasons.  Yes, it was captured by Mini-Me of Austin Powers.  Yes, Verne followed the action in a motorized scooter.  Those two facts aren't the strangest things about this incident.

After this guy bursts through a TSA checkpoint at LAX, he is stopped by an officer.  As the officer tries to handcuff him, he breaks free.  The officer pulls either a gun or a taser and starts shouting.

Verne Troyer is on the case.  He's following the action in this scooter.

Other officers arrive to assist.  I was actually surprised how far this guy got before being tased.  Skipping the TSA checkpoint is alarming.  But breaking free while being handcuffed and running?  That seems pretty suspicious.

Check out the footage below that actor Verne Troyer uploaded to his YouTube account.

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