Michigan really is a state full of natural wonders. When you really take a step back and look at all the innovation and the beauty that our state has to offer, you really feel lucky about being able to live here. But when you put the magnifying glass up to a map one thing become painfully clear, some of these cities were named after total hornballs. That's right I said it, there are some cities we have that are downright strange, questionable, and to be totally honest, awesome.

I've got zero problem with some of our naughtiest named cities, but it does make you question what exactly was going through people's minds when they were giving these cities their names. Were they trying to be funny, or was a sense of humor non-existent at the time of the naming? Like they came up with these names and sneered at anyone who started cracking up like, "What's so funny?"

Because I for one would have laughed at some of these. Oh well, it's just one more thing about Michigan that makes us awesome. Let's go discover what they are below, and thanks for the inspiration (h/t):

My conclusion is if you're going to live in the middle of nowhere in the Upper Peninsula or in the sticks in the Lower, and you need some kind of fun or branding for your town, go have some fun.

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