Allison Gibson took a bath only to discover that when she was done, she was unable to get up and out of the tub. It seems that she could not reach the hand rail (which strangely was on the other side of the bath), and her cell phone was on the other side of the room. She was stuck...for 5 days.

When asked how she survived for 5 days Allison told her story...

When I got cold, I ran the hot water. And when I got thirsty, I ran the cold water and drank the cold water out of my hand.

It wasn't until a postal worker realized that he had not seen Allison in a few days and alerted the neighbors who in return contacted the police.

When the police arrived they were shocked at what they found,  Lansing Police Chief Wilborn told Inside Edition...
In the bathroom when we opened the door the back of it was covered in mold, the floors were soaking wet, the paint on the walls was bubbling from all of the moisture and actually the ceiling was dripping wet.
Some people weighed in with their thoughts about the frightening situation...
Wow mad props to the postal worker.
Glad that postal mail person alerted the neighbors.
This is the perfect example of why I never take a bath, it's ALWAYS a shower!

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