It seems like the hits keep coming this year from all directions. Between Covid-19, concerts and events being cancelled, the last thing this old heart could take is the cancellation of the only event any real one looks forward to all year long...Halloween. It seemed as though doom had overcome the one thing that tends to invade empty stores every Fall, Spirit Halloween stores. Yes, the carnival of all things spooky seemed to have called it quits for 2020 last week, or did they?

Apparently someone had sent out a fake press release claiming to be from Spirit Halloween. In the release, they informed the public that because of safety issues, they would not be inhabiting empty stores this fall to prepare for the Halloween season. This turned out to be a hoax and Spirit Halloween issued a statement on their Facebook, informing the public that they have every intention of opening this fall:

We heard you're crushed, disheartened, and downright sad. Well, don't worry, the rumors aren't true. WE ARE BACK & WE GOT THIS COVERED. It's been a challenging year, but we promise to keep the Halloween spirit alive.


Across the country, Spirit Halloween runs over 1,400 locations, and Portage is always the go to location near us. It seems as though someone must have gotten super bored during the stay at home order and wanted to cause yet another panic. So to celebrate the upcoming Halloween season, take a look at this spooky gallery from kalamazoo's State Theatre.

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