Some Michigan residents are in for a big surprise in 2024. And it's the kind of surprise we want to receive after the holidays and during a time where money seems to be stretched. Nearly 700,000 Michigan households can expect to receive this money early next year.

Michigan Residents Will Receive Refund Check in 2024

According to The Detroit News, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced that qualifying households will receive this refund check. The new checks are part of $1 billion in tax cuts that the governor signed into law earlier this year. The Department of Treasury will automatically process checks for Michiganders who submitted their 2022 tax return and confirmed eligibility for the additional state credit.

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Who Will Receive the Refund Check in 2024?

Beginning February 13th, Michigan households that qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit in Michigan will receive a refund. Whitmer said in a statement:

“This directly benefits half the children in Michigan, and moms and dads can use this extra money at tax time to pay the bills, put food on the table and buy school supplies. We still have more work to do, and today’s announcement will help get you some relief sooner than expected."

Whitmer also said that Michigan residents who qualify for the EITC should expect to receive $550 on average. According to the IRS, the income qualification for EITC are having worked and earned an income under $63,398. Eligible Michiganders do not need to submit any additional paperwork to receive the tax credit. However, if someone  has moved and has concerns about their address accuracy, the person can update that on the Michigan Department of Treasury website.

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