This Michigan man brings a whole new meaning to the saying "making dreams come true."

Recently, a 32-year-man from Wayne County, Michigan had a dream.  He woke the next morning and told his wife that he dreamed that he won a huge jackpot in the Michigan lotto.  It's likely that thousands of people have similar dreams every day.  However, this dreamer was taking this dream lying down.  He stopped by the Red Caboose Wine Shoppe in Hamtramck and picked up a couple of Millionaire Maker II instant tickets according to Mlive,

When I got in my car, I started scratching them. I saw I matched the number ‘04′ right away and thought I’d probably won $100. When I revealed the ‘$1MIL’ symbol, I thought I was still dreaming. I called my wife immediately to tell her the good news!

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There's no word on if the lucky lotto winner plans on quitting his job.  However, he did tell the Michigan Lottery that he plans on using his part of his $634,000 lump sum payment to buy a new house and car.

This story reminds me of one of the most unusual self-improvement crazes of the 2000s.  Remember 'The Secret' that came out in 2006.  It was a book followed by a documentary full of rich people talking about how the power of positive thinking brought them riches.  This Michigan man visualized winning a big lotto jackpot, then drove to the store, purchased his tickets, and won big.  This is a textbook 'The Secret' situation.

Seriously thought, congrats to the happy lotto winner.  We're all glad his dream came true.

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