If someone asked me to define 'irony' using only a criminal case...it would be this one.

A Michigan man has landed in jail after giving officers a fake name. Unfortunately, the false identity this man chose was attached to an arrest warrant and he was quickly taken into custody.

The incident occurred in Clam Lake Township, as reported by Click On Detroit. Michigan State Troopers spotted a car sitting on the shoulder of M-55 near Taylor Lane before dawn with its lights off. Growing suspicious, they approached the vehicle with their lights activated. That's when they saw the person in the passenger seat duck down. That's never a good sign.

Officers found a woman in the drivers seat and, obviously, spotted the man ducking down in the passenger seat. That's when he threw out the fake name that belonged to a person with a warrant out for their arrest. Whoops.

While placing him under arrest, officers discovered 27 grams of meth, a scale and small baggies hidden in the man's pants.

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The issue of the man's real identity was quickly resolved when officers fingerprinted him at the station. His real identity has not been revealed at this time. However, he has been charged with:

  • lying to a peace officer during a felony
  • possessing methamphetamine with intent to distribute
  • smuggling drugs into jail

Oh yeah...he tried to smuggle even more drugs into jail.

Moral of the story, not that I'm trying to give criminals advice, if you're going to use a fake name to try to trick police officers...make sure that person isn't ALSO wanted by the authorities.

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