Meet Jered, a 12 week old Mastiff mix puppy that is looking for his loving forever home!

WKFR is always thrilled to spend Thursday Mornings with Katie Timber from the Southwest Michigan SPCA. Each week she brings a puppy/dog, or kitten/cat who is in need of finding a loving home that they can be forever.

This week was no exception! Katie brought in Jered who is a Mastiff mix that was born at the shelter. He is only 12 weeks old, and is the sweetest little guy you would ever want to meet. All he wants is to be as close to you as possible, give you love, cuddles and make you smile.

Tess, myself, Katie and Jered went live on Facebook this morning and here are just some of the responses we got...

Mary P. said...

"Such a handsome little man! I'm in love!'

Suzannah S. said...

"OMG! Listen to his little grunts!"

Alicia G. said...

"So adorable!"

If you are thinking about adopting a puppy, Jered may just be your boy. If not, the SPCA has many pets to choose from, but I warn you, those little love monsters will steel your heart so be ready.

Maybe a pet may not fit into your life style right now, but you want to help support the SPCA and all the great work they are doing and you can!

On Thursday, February 23rd the Kalamazoo Beer Exchange is holding a fund raiser for the SPCA. 25% of all proceeds for the day will be donated to the SPCA, but that's not all! They have a limited Ale made for this event only! Gonzo, from 'Gonzo's Brewery' is releasing (for this event only) "Ozzy Ale". "Ozzy Ale" was named after Gonzo's dog Ozzy. It's one day only, so try it before it's gone...heck have a beer for the SPCA.

Maybe beer is not your thing, but there are so many ways to help! The SPCA is always in need of...

  • Blankets
  • Gently used blankets
  • Towels
  • Gently used towels
  • Kitty Litter
  • Dish soap
  • Laundry soap
  • Bleach
  • Pet toys
  • Pet treats

No matter how big or small the donation or jester is, it makes a huge difference in these animals lives.

If you want to stop by the SPCA you will find them at 6955 West KL Ave 49009.

SPCA Hours

Tuesday through Friday 2 pm to 7 pm and Saturday 11 am to 4 pm.

Thank you for supporting the SPCA and hug your fur baby when you get home tonight!


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