Sunday Morning my neighbors car looked like this.

It looks like one of my neighbors had a rocking good time on Sat. night or found some devastating potholes while out and about. Either way her car is a mess and she had 2 blow outs (I did fins one of her wheels just a few doors down, bet that doesn't help).

I travel to Detroit often to see family and friends, and blowing a tire out or getting a flat is a fear of mine so I checked around to see what to do if I get in trouble with my ride. had great advice on what to do if you are driving and have a blow-out...

  • Prepare by not driving distracted. If you are distracted with food, a cellphone, or doing something other than driving, then you may not be prepared to handle a sudden vehicle malfunction like a tire blowout.
  • Address the blowout by accelerating or maintaining your speed momentarily. Press the accelerator to keep forward momentum. This will help offset the feeling of your car pulling too much to one side. Turn the wheel slightly in the opposite direction from where you feel the pull.
  • After you feel the vehicle become steady, slow down and start moving towards the shoulder of the road. Turn your hazard lights on as you make your way to the side. Driving through a blowout is recommended for any vehicle and any speed.

How To Avoid A Blowout?

  • Maintaining consistent pressure and replacing your tires as needed.
  • Try to safely avoid debris on the roadway.
  • Try to avoid potholes

I will be checking the pressure of my tires this afternoon and I hope everyone is safe on the roads this summer!.


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