There is always some time that is needed to get away and head up north to unwind a little bit. That's exactly what Mackinac City and their annual Ford Mustang Festival is all about. They recently held their 8th annual Ford Mustang Stampede Festival and as always, drove in thousands of people from across the bay and area, to get a glimpse of some of the nicest Mustangs made from 1964, all the way up to 2021. Not only did it bring in thousands of people, but their capacity had been filled from registered drivers for the show.

Every year during the show they hold a parade featuring the cars and hand out awards to the registered drivers of the cars that are on display. The event also includes and trip across the Mackinac Bridge, which was luckily in no way affected from the recent closure of the bridge, after a bomb threat was made. Luckily nothing dangerous was discovered and the event went on without a hitch.

While in attendance, we spent some time talking to the locals and checking out the dozens of amazing cars that were there shinning in the sunlight. Although there have been no official award winners listed on their website, we may have an idea as to who some of the winners may be, as we captured what we feel are some of the sleekest and sexiest cars from the show. We'll keep an eye as to who the winners are once their announced, but until then, take a walk through these gems:

Here Are Some of The Sexiest Cars From The 6th Annual Mackinac City Mustang Show

The 6th annual Mackinac City Mustang Show took place on Saturday, July 17th and these were some of the sexiest cars I saw while there.

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