(UPDATE) Michigan House Minority Leader Matt Hall asked to step down by many leaders and residents after an alleged attack on his girlfriend.

A couple of red flags have popped up over the last 6 months regarding Matt Hall and domestic violence. Last month police reports surfaced regarding an alleged violent incident between Matt Hall and his girlfriend that took place while Hall was in office in 2019.  The Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office report detailed a terrifying incident as Matt Hall and his girlfriend were driving to Indiana.  The report states that when Hall realized he had forgotten the money that he planned to gamble with, he became angry to the point that he was driving erratically according to the Daily Beast,

The girlfriend began navigating the drive back to their home to get the funds and they realized they were going the wrong way, leading Hall to use an authorized vehicle turnaround.

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The report states that she asked him to slow down which made him more angry.  At one point she allegedly began recording him which led to Matt Hall grabbing her phone and smashing it while it was still in her hand.  The police report goes on to say that the woman used Hall's phone to call 911, but he was able to take control of the phone and hang up.  You can read about the entire police report by clicking here.

It's worth noting that Matt Hall recently opposed legislation that would prevent abusers from owning guns according to GanderNewsRoom.com.  GanderNewsRoom.com also reports that while Matt Hall was a Western Michigan University student, he made violent racist threats toward someone which included, “I’ve got a shotgun rifle and I just put a bullet in it with your name on it!"  You can see more of the disturbing threats by clicking here.  Michigan leaders are demanding that Matt Hall step down and are wondering how charges were never brought against Matt Hall after the police report was filed.

The fact that the Michigan GOP leader is facing domestic abuse allegations while opposing bills to protect victims of domestic abuse is beyond alarming.  Matt Hall's office takes exception to that statement.  In a recent email Jeremiah Ward, Press Secretary for Matt Hall says that Hall opposed that specific bill because it was too broad,

Hall has in fact sponsored legislation, House bill 5153, to prohibit individuals convicted of domestic violence from owning guns, allowing state and county prosecutors to go after domestic abusers for owning a gun. Rep. Hall voted no on a different bill that was very broad and even banned people from owning guns for committing minor crimes that have nothing to do with any history or tendency to violence.

There are other items of this story that Hall's office says are "not supported by facts in a number of places."  Ward points out that a few days after Hall's girlfriend Megan filed the police report she went back to the police to change her story.  She then claimed that she filed the police report while experiencing serious trauma regarding her son being in a car accident and changed many of the key details,

Hall did not break her phone. She clearly explained to the officer that Rep. Hall did not assault her or intend to hurt her in any way. She did not allege that Rep. Hall knew she was dialing 911 nor that he willfully interfered with a 911 call.

Hall's office also takes exception with our description of the events that took place in 2019 as a "terrifying incident."  However, after reading the original police report, I stand by that description.  We have asked for a comment from Matt Hall himself on this incident.  We will happily update this article with Matt Hall's side of the story when we receive it.

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