Close your eyes and you'll think your in Italy. Well, that might be overstating it, but the Kalamazoo Marinarathon Dinner is sure going to remind you of a family dinner in the old country.This brainchild coincides with the weekend of the Kalamazoo Marathon. It's on Friday night, May 4th, and might be a perfect opportunity for marathon runners to load up on some carbs. It's also an excuse to check out Art Hop for May.

The plan is for a traditional pasta dinner outdoors.served up family-style, in DeVisser Alley, which is next to Gazelle Sports. The organizers are putting together a 125-foot table, where everybody sits together and chows down on a pasta dinner from Mangia Mangia. Yes, tons of pasta and meatballs, along with Italian bread...Carb heaven.  (if you want vegetarian or gluten-free. you'll need to ask ahead of time.

Now if this sounds like fun, you need to decide and buy your tickets by Tuesday, May 1st.

Along with the food, there'll be fun things to do, aside from Art Hop. If you have a runner in the family, there will be a sign making table for supporting runners during the Kalamazoo Marathon on Sunday.



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