How would you like to work for a company that was named on Fortune's World Most Admired Companies list as well as Forbes Canada's Best Employers and Forbes Best Employers for Diversity?

Magna Cosma International, which was founded on an entrepreneurial, performance-based environment that empowers its employees, is currently seeking applicants for a number of different positions at their location here in Battle Creek.

Currently, Magna is looking to hire for the following roles:

  • Material handlers/fork truck drivers
  • CNBC operators/inspectors
  • Die-cast operators

At Magna, they have and will continue to address the topic of diversity and inclusion, its underlying issues, and ways they can work to be a part of the solution. Here are just a few of the things they're doing:

  1. We have a Diversity & Inclusion Council at Magna, and we are starting an employee committee focused on race and ethnic diversity with the working name of QUILT.  Within the committee, there will be sub-committees, of which African ancestry would be one. QUILT aims to promote an environment that recognizes the racial and ethnic backgrounds and interests of our employees, customers and shareholders.
  2. We embrace the inclusion of employees from all walks of life and encourage open dialogue and discussion to strengthen our footprint as an inclusive and diverse employer.
  3. Equally as important, the D&I Council is aligning with our talent review process to ensure we have broader visibility and opportunity to increase our diversity in leadership roles.
  4. Most recently, our CEO Don Walker issued a leadership communication to employees titled “Be A Positive Force”, which was followed up by managers at our manufacturing plants reinforcing the message to employees on a local level.
  5. As Don notes in the conclusion of his message: We must always set the bar higher for ourselves and learn what we could be doing better. Together, let’s continue to focus on how Magna can play a role in being part of the solution. There are ways that we all can help as we continue to work together to fight inequality and strengthen the bonds within our company and our society.

In addition, the health and safety of their employees is Magna's number one priority, which is why they've done the following in response to the COVID-19 pandemic:

  1. As the COVID-19 virus spread, we developed protocols, assessment tools and guidance documents to assist all of our manufacturing facilities and offices to establish health screening tools and isolation guides for our employees, provide personal protection equipment, institute contact tracing for any known cases of the virus within our employee population, and institute decontamination procedures where needed.
  2. Throughout, our medical and health and safety staff have worked in cooperation with public health authorities and in coordination with the medical directors of other businesses to share best practices, as well as to promote employee safety and confidence for return to work.
  3. Throughout the crisis, our leadership team has not only been addressing immediate needs, but also looking and planning much further ahead at what our company, our industry, and society will need in the future.
  4. We are evaluating the economic, environmental and social impact of the crisis, while assessing a wide range of scenarios.
  5. While there are still many “unknowables,” Magna is confident and ready to pivot with purpose as we respond to new challenges and opportunities.
  6. We continue to be focused on our core tech roadmap and strategies, with a long-term perspective.

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